Carpet Cleaning Bubbles


Twin Cities Finest in Minneapolis/St.Paul, MN offers professional tile cleaning services for bathrooms, kitchens, and other tiled surfaces in homes or commercial spaces. We can even take care of the more difficult to clean grout between tiles, leaving your surfaces fresh and shining like new. From stains to calcification, soap scum to mildew, we can handle the toughest cleaning jobs.

A Deep and Lasting Clean

At Twin Cities Finest, our professional tile floor cleaning experts use a combination of cleaning solvents and equipment that are gentle enough to protect your tiles, yet strong enough to take care of even the most caked on grime and dirt. Cleaning tiles yourself by hand can be messy and frustrating, but Twin Cities Finest uses equipment that gets you a deep-clean result you can’t get on your own. We can even use a special sealant to protect your grout and keep it looking fresh longer. Call Twin Cities Finest in Minneapolis/St.Paul today to schedule an appointment.



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