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At Twin Cities Finest, we offer a wide variety of services to assist both residential water damage and commercial water damage.

When a flood or other incident has caused damage to your property, it can be devastating. The loss of items, some of which may be personal or irreplaceable, is bad enough. When you begin to calculate costs of cleanup and restoration, things can get overwhelming and might end up costing even more if you don’t act quick. Twin Cities Finest has plenty of experience in helping the customer in all steps of water damage restoration, including processing the paperwork involved with your water damage insurance claim.

Unfortunately, flooding and water damage in Minneapolis is not an uncommon occurrence. Any source of uncontrolled water can potentially cause serious damage. The small drip of the kitchen or bathroom faucet that never overflowed the basin could one day result in a pool in the same room or even the entire house if certain conditions are present.

Flood water has been traditionally placed into two categories, black and gray water. Black water is from outside water, such as streams and raw sewage. Gray water will come from within your unit and includes that from the toilet, dishwater, and sinks.

Signs of Water Damage

Although visible water is the most obvious sign of flood damage, there are many other indicators of water damage in your home. Cracked foundations, rusted pipes, electric shorts, mosquitoes and peeling wood surfaces are potential signs of water damage. Mold or algae formation, a substantial increase in humidity, dampness or stains in walls or ceilings are more definite signs that your property is suffering effects of water damage.

Sources of Water Damage

A busted pipe or faucet that was not turned off during a trip away from home will lead to pools of relatively clean water.

When this is the case, it is simply a matter of cleaning up in a thorough and timely manner before mold begins to set in. However, if the source of the water is from the outside, such as a storm that brings in water from nearby rivers or similar reservoirs, further contamination could be a problem. The risk of illness from being exposed to pathogens from bacteria from the ground, animal wastes, and rodents from rainwater renders the cleanup job even more serious.

Still, there are man-made chemicals that could seep into your property, such as fertilizers, oils, and pesticides, which could both cause damage and short and long term health problems.

Cautions to take after experiencing Water Damage in Minnesota

Regardless of the source of water damage or flooding, Twin Cities Finest wants to remind you to take caution when entering a property that has been affected.

A call to a professional may be the first step to taken before even returning to the affected commercial or residential building, depending on how extensive the damage is. After a storm, watch for downed power lines around the structure and shut-off power to the building you are ready to inspect.

If there is a possibility of any person or animal inside the structure, try to either get them out yourself or call emergency personnel for assistance. Your and everyone’s safety is the most important issue.

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Water damage restoration is a specialized service that removes water from your home and restores it to a livable, pre-damaged condition.

If water damage occurs in your home, it’s something that needs to be addressed immediately.

While it’s understandable to feel panicked when you realize what’s happened, it’s also important to realize you need to act as quickly and work with a professional.

The longer you wait, the more extensive the damage will get – and the longer the water cleanup will take.

Water damage can cause more than structural damage to your home. It can also present a serious health hazard. It doesn’t take long for standing water to breed mold and bacteria, pathogens that can cause severe respiratory illnesses and other problems.


Emergency Action

– Depending on the type and cause of damage, we may offer emergency services to prevent additional loss. Or we will come out and assess the damage to determine the next best steps.


– We will assess the area for damage using moisture detection equipment and thermal imaging and be able to communicate the extent of damage.

Just because it is dry to the touch does not mean that it is dry.  Using the best technology currently available we can assess for water under the surface and even behind things.

Extraction and Cleanup

– We can extract water or sewage once authorization is given and will start preventing further damage 

Removal and Disposal

– Debris, damaged items, and other unsalvageable materials are removed for disposal in accordance with local safety regulations.  Depending on the year built of the home, lead and/or asbestos testing may be required by law prior to any removal.

Deodorize and Sanitize

– Since bacteria and contaminants can be present or spread by water or sewer damage, we use EPA registered disinfectants after cleaning to help maintain a clean and healthy environment. 

Structure drying

– Once the bulk of the standing water has been removed, the non salvageable materials has been removed, the structure has been cleaned and an EPA registered disinfectant has been applied we will set commercial drying equipment to restore the humidity and moisture content back to an acceptable level.


– The science of drying. It is important to monitor the equipment and status of drying to verify that the equipment and drying environment is optimal.  We also do not want any material to over dry causing damage as well.  The industry standard dry time is 3 days after equipment is set but can extend beyond that depending on the affected material and saturation levels.

Final wrap up 

– Once the area is dry we will complete our portion of work and remove the equipment and floor protection from your home.  If an insurance claim has been filed we will send an invoice along with documentation for services rendered and you will receive a copy as well for your records.  We have partnered with top reconstruction companies to assist you in the next phase of restoration and can notify them that our portion is complete.


It depends. Most professional water damage restoration companies will work with homeowners to make sure they are informed throughout the process and depending on the stage and category of the damage we will advise on whether it’s safe to stay in the home during the process or if alternate living arrangements are recommended.


You could need water damage repair for one of several reasons.

A cold snap may have resulted in burst pipes, or your old water heater might have developed a leak, or your HVAC system may be leaking. Recent storms could have led to extensive flooding. Even for the most prepared, basement flooding can also happen due to the failure of a sump pump.


The amount of time it will take depends on the severity of the water damage, but usually, water damage restoration typically takes about 72 hours to complete.


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